She’s the one who’s room you used to run to in the middle of the night when you had a bad dream, the one who would take the blame for you when you did something wrong, and the one who have your back when it came to the middle school bully. She is your best friend, your second mom, and your partner in crime. 

Growing up with your older sister always being in the room next door, you took advantage of having a constant support system. It wasn’t until we both moved out that I realized how much my sister meant to me and how much I needed her constance in my life. 

Here are a few things things I know I don’t thank you enough for. 

thank you for letting me hang out with your friends

Throughout my childhood, nothing made me more excited than finding out that you were having friends spend the night. You let me in on all of your movie nights and late night ice cream runs and I can not thank you enough. 

Watching you interact with your friends taught me how to be a good friend. You taught me how to love my friends like they are family and how to stand up for them when things don’t go their way. 

thank you for the late night talks

Whether it be heartbreak or getting a bad grade on a test, you were always there to talk me through my life’s problems. 

You didn’t tell me I was being dramatic when I would cry about not thinking I would get into college because I had a C on my report card- you simply held me tight and told me everything would be okay. I wouldn’t be where I am without your constant love, support, and advice. 

thank you for messing up first

I learned from everything you did, and that included your mistakes. You taught me how to take the blame when you knew you messed up and how to come back even stronger. 

You taught me what to do when mom and dad got mad at you and how to handle any hardship that came into my life. Watching you grow up was one of the best ways for me to learn. 

thank you for being my best friend

Throughout my life I have had many best friends come and go but I always knew that you would stay, although, I guess you really didn’t have a choice. Either way you were there through it all and I can not thank you enough for standing by my side. 

thank you for continuing to support me, even when we live in different cities 

We may not live in the rooms next door to each other anymore, but your love and support is still a constant in my life. 

Thank you for always picking up the phone when I need someone to talk to and for sending funny texts throughout the day to make my days just a little bit better. 

I love and miss you more than you know, and can’t wait to see you soon. 

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