Sometimes in our lives we absolutely confident that we are exactly where we are supposed to be when it comes to our Life Path. However, sometimes we may feel lost and unsure of things. To help you understand where you are at these days, select one card to reveal a special message from your Spirit Guides in regards to where you currently are.

The winds of change are in the air! It's an excellent time to start a new healthy (healthier) regime! Listen to your body...really take the time to listen. It will tell you exactly what it does and doesn't need. After you have paid attention, be sure to follow your body's lead. Your temple may require different amounts of sleep, food, and or exercise. By taking care of your body, you will be able to see things more clearly and have tons of extra energy.

You are exactly where you need to be! Stop second guessing the journey and questioning whether you should change things up or not. Spirit says if a change is necessary, then you will know it and the signs will be loud and clear. You may continue to proceed ahead along the current path that you have been traveling. All is coming together perfectly and things will look completely different for you by the end of the year into the New Year.  

The Universe is waiting for you to make up your mind. There are two paths you may go down but you can only travel one at a time. Make a decision by listening to your heart and intuition and stick with that decision. A decision must be made followed by action. You will most likely remain stagnant if you keep going back and forth with your choices. If you do not make that decision, the Universe may make up your mind for you and it may be the path that has more challenges and takes longer to reach your destination.

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