Valuable indicator showing how well you make changes in life is  your thumb flexibility .  It reveals how acceptable you are to changing ideas and beliefs.
Here is how to check that

Way how to relax the thumb. Hold the end and rotate it with the other hand.

The thumb does not resist and rotates relatively easy , and your end zone also is easily bent back at a large angle.

Your end zone is stiff , the thumb strongly resists being rotated .

1. If the entire thumb NOT stiff , it is flexible , it reveals you are not resistant to change. You can change with little stress or worry and very easily. You achieve good results in life relatively easy by being flexible in dealing with other people. Your easy-going attitude attracts people who support and help you succeed. To get good results , you don’t need to be a workaholic .

If your end zone also is easily bent back at a large angle, it reveals that you “bend over backward” to please and help others. You are a good negotiator, peacemaker and public relations representative. You are generous and often extravagant with money.

You need to watch out that you do not become too extravagant with time, money, and personal energy given to others , if you belong in this group .

Playing and working in a balanced way will achieve excellent results in life and will keep your body healthy. “Going with the flow” is a good rule to follow for happiness and for good health.

2. If the entire thumb is stiff, it reveals that you are cautious, reserved, conservative, and resistant to new ways of behaving and functioning. You do not adapt to changes easily.

it means that You insist on doing things your own way , if your end zone is stiff. There is resistance to suggestions from other people, even when the well-meant advice might steer you to a better solution to problems.People probably call you “stubborn” if all your fingers are stiff along with a stiff thumb end zone . 

Whichever way you are, in your mind you have good reason for being that way and it serves a good purpose getting you what you want for now.

The challenge for people with a rigid thumb is to , “let go”,“loosen up” and enjoy new ways of doing things.

See also what your fingers say about you in the video below:

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