1. Naturally confident, followed wherever she goes. Never loud or abrasive, she naturally attracts positivity.

2. Effortlessly moving forward, she seems to “have it all together” where others may fall apart. She let’s life take the wheel, nothing works when you force it. She’s balanced.

3. She never buys her way in. She’s  naturally liked because she treats everyone with class and respect.

4. Never a pushover, she tells it as it is – harsh truths mean others see and accept her honesty.

5. Able to handle what she dishes out in return, she’s never afraid of the truth.

6. She learns from positive criticism and simply moves past negative criticism, always able to differentiate.

7. Using common sense as her guide, she knows when to speak out, but also when to stay humble. She knows that either done poorly may negatively affect the outcome.

8. Styled by no other than herself, shes confident. She never follows  ridiculous expectations and is happy in her own skin.

9. Knowing that insecurities feed gossip and judgement of others, she refuses to be intimidated by other women, regardless of their looks, achievements or success.

10. She is confident that she is the best version of herself, so she competes with no one else.

11. Well educated on how to walk away from harmful situations, she knows when to get out of bad relationships, friendships and business deals etc.

12. She knows the clear differences between compromise and handing over due to fear, boredom etc. in relationships.

13. Never using people for selfish gains, her motives are clean, giving without expecting anything in return.

14. Surrounded with a firm support group, she expects others to believe in themselves as she does in herself.

15. Putting problems into perspective is easy for her. She assesses the situation fairly and keeps things simple. If things get out of hand, she manages as best she can.

16. Effortlessly communicating with those around her, she leaves no gaps for error or misunderstanding. Her motto being to ask before assuming puts her in first position.

17. Committed to what she wants. She puts her blinkers on and goes for it. She does however know how to accept failure – it’s part of life. Instead of feeling held back, she sees every failure as motivation to do better the next time.

18. Putting her emotions into perspective, she’s on top of things. She isn’t afraid to admit that at times, she’s vulnerable and weak. She also knows that strength comes from these darker places in her life. Never denying her feelings, she rather embraces them.

19. Balancing work and play is a walk in the park for her. She understands the healthy need for both, keeping her focus where it should be at the right times. 

20. Learning from her past, she has no regrets. She treats each life lesson as exactly that and embraces the opportunities she’s given to improve. Never allowing herself to be crippled by the past, she’s strong and firm, always looking at things from a new perspective. 

21. Bad days are a norm for everyone, she certainly doesn’t allow them to govern her outlook. Possessing great strength and faith, she knows how to pull herself out of a rut and immediately pushes back at life. She knows that a better day will soon be upon her. All she has to do is ask for it. 

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HT: Thought Catalog
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