Many crystal collectors have very in-depth and vast collections of crystals.  For them, each crystal has meaning, and many people like to use all of them if they can.  People wear crystals for a variety of different reasons, and as such, each crystal has specific traits and properties.  Some use them for healing, others for protection, and others for relaxation or meditation.

However, out of the hundreds of crystals you can choose to wear, there are about seven that cover all the key areas.  They’re inexpensive and easy to procure, meaning everyone should have them!

Clear Quartz
This wonderful crystal is a jack-of-all-trades.  It’s widely known for it’s ability to enhance, restore and regulate energies.  It can also help one channel their inner psychic abilities, boost the effectiveness of other crystals, enhance the immune system, as well as re-align our chakras.  

Amethyst is used by many for it’s ability to help improve sleep, relaxation, meditation, and the opening of the crown chakra.  Additionally, it helps one to end bad habits and unhealthy addictions.  In this sense, it brings balance.  However, it also used as a psychic protection ward.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is your go-to crystal if you’ve been hurt or emotionally traumatized.  It’s inherently loving and gentle, helping its wearer to channel unconditional love for not only themselves, but for others.

A stone that builds a bridge between you and the angelic realm, it is known for purifying the mind, body and spirit.  Selenite is often used by those who struggle to make decisions, as it provides a mental clarity.  It’s also closely tied to the moon, putting you in touch with its energy.

Black Tourmaline
These stones are often placed in the corners of rooms where one wishes to remove (and prevent) any negativity or stress.  Empaths can gain a lot from this stone, as it protects the individual from the energies of emotionally toxic people.  

Fluorite is known for its ability to shield one’s aura from unwanted outside manipulation.  As powerful and enhancing psychic stone, it channels the upper chakras, absorbing disturbances around you.

Predominantly an abundance crystal, this stone helps bring individuals financial stability.  Its ability to balance the solar plexus chakra helps promote an energized will power.  Others like to use it to boost creativity, and some like to use it to help find resolution during times of strife in their family or community.

h/t Mystical Moon 

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