Do you suspect that you are experiencing a growth of spirit and consciousness? It can be hard to diagnose something so subtle and personal. There are some key indicators of personal development.

You don't have to experiencing any particular number of these things, even one can indicate that you are moving towards where you could be. Let us know if you are experiencing a major shift and was able to recognize it through different means.

You Are Or Have Removed Toxic People From Your Life

You respect yourself and your time enough to draw the line with acceptable behavior. You aren't willing to endure the effects of toxic or unproductive people. They drag you down and sap your qualities. It can be hard to remove these people if you care for them, but if they aren't willing to drink, no amount of effort will get them to. Congratulations on making this bold step!

Improved Diet And Sleeping Habits

You find yourself taking the time to rest and eat better. You notice the needs of your body and take them more seriously. This may not look eight straight hours of sleep every night. You may sleep a couple hours of night and nap throughout your day. It doesn't matter how you are getting your rest, only that you are getting enough and timing it so your rest doesn't get in the way of your goals and duties.

Rest and activity are both fueled by food. You are making sure that you are getting enough. Not only consuming appropriate amounts, but eating healthy options is just as important. You strive to eat organic and non processed foods.

Physical Manifestations

As you grow in awareness and skill, you have started to 'wilt' situations and options into existence. You have started to tap into your innate, hidden powers. What you put into the world becomes a part of your reality.

Be Careful with this power. Negative energy is a lower form of energy and vibrates more slowly. This makes negative intentions take form faster and easier than positive ones. Just be careful with your intentions as you could unwittingly set yourself back.

An Increase In The Desire To Change Major Aspects Of Your Life

You are tired of dragging your feet on your way to work and want better ways to influence the world. You know you have more to offer than what is being asked of you and you want to provide more for yourself and those you care about.

Nothing but you is holding you where you are but you. Look into getting a new job, moving to a better neighborhood, going back to school or whatever other change you are starting to see as a necessity. Be sure though that you take your time in preparing for the shift. Be prepared to give it everything you've got.

A Growing Sensitivity To The Feelings Of Yourself And Other

As your awareness and honesty grow, you are starting to unravel the enigma of your feelings and intentions. We don't always fully examine what we feel or desire out of fear. Not acknowledging our true selves and the desires therein is more dangerous than any truth we fear.

AS you get to know yourself better, you start to relate and empathize more readily with others. As you go through your day, keep in mind that the feelings of others have the power to slow you down and negatively affect you. Slow down and honestly process what's going on to ensure that you have the energy to complete what you need to.

A Strong Need To Be Alone

Not to say you don't like people anymore, though you are more likely to be disappointed in others, you appreciate time spent alone more than ever. Time alone doesn't have to be filled with noise, tasks or distractions. You are comfortable with the formations within you and enjoy the time to explore and develop them.

A Stronger Appreciation Of Silence

On of the clearest indicators of the expansion of consciousness is that you seek silence. Not only in your environment but in your mind and heart as well. You recognize silence as a natural occurrence. You don't try to fill the space with meaningless discussions or stimulus. Time spent in silence helps us to form our own opinions and voice against the quiet.

A Lack Of Fear

You are still afraid of certain elements of life, but if not less so, you have come to accept it. Any fear you have you can willingly acknowledge and operate confidently with. Everyone gets afraid, fear is not a bad thing at all. It lets us know to take something more seriously or when we are at risk. Don't fight the feeling but don't let it control you either.

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