Sleep is important part of our life. It’s essential for your health, that the all of us in average will spend a third of our life sleeping!

Not having adequate quality of sleep could cause numerous health issues. However, lots of people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Why Do Socks Help Me Sleep Much Better?
Wearing socks while sleeping will help you keep your feet warm. This helps dilate the blood vessels in your feet and this will help you fall asleep faster.
Wearing socks at night isn’t restricted to just to help you in your sleep.
Also you can use them for the following benefits:

1. Prevent Night Sweat and Hot Flash
As outlined by Cleveland Clinic, wearing socks in bed can get rid of wakefulness or sleep loss due to hot flashes and/or night sweats. Because socks help manage body’s temperature they could be a perfect solution to help solve minor hot flashes without implement more extreme options like hormone replacement therapy.

The Sleep-Sock TRICK You Can Use to Fall Asleep Faster, Avoid Cracked Heels and Stay COOL

2. Help With Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s condition is a uncommon condition which affects an individual’s blood cells, and leads to an overreaction to cold temperatures which, in extreme cases, can result in sores or necrosis (tissue death). Sleeping with socks on helps with body temperature regulation.

3. Improve Dry Skin
Those who encounter bouts of dry skin might find that they have cracked, dry feet; especially in the winter season when temperatures drop. This can lead to soreness.
Making use of a proper moisturizer to your feet before sleep, and putting clean socks made out of cotton will prevent dry feet in the morning.

4. Reduce Fever
Soaking your socks in apple cider vinegar before putting them on before going to bed can help bring down the fever if you have one. Vinegar is efficient in increasing blood flow and lowering your fever. Additionally, this remedy has the capacity to strengthen your immune system.

5. Prevent Cought
This Russian remedy involves putting dried mustard powder inside your socks and wearing another pair of socks on top. It has been proven to stop coughs.

6. Warm Your Feet
Eating red pepper already increases the circulation in your toes and fingers. Thus, when you put cayenne (or red pepper spices) into your shoes or socks, it essentially does the same thing. Applying cayenne topically causes the blood vessels under the skin of the feet to dilate. This action stimulates extra blood flow and provides warmth to the feet. For some, the warming sensation may occur immediately while for others, the heat gradually increases over time. This also depends on how much pepper you use.

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