It is almost impossible to clean your skin perfectly with face wash and facial cleansers,but that’s why we have face steaming, an old skin care method which has almost completely been forgotten.
Russian MTV presenter Anita Bhoumik reminds us of face steaming, thanks to which she has a 
perfectly clean face.

She explained for The Huffington Post the method she learned from her father:”To open the pores, I put my face under a towel and over hot water for a couple of minutes. But be careful that it’s not too hot to burn you. Then follow by washing your face. The effect is much better than just washing your face because all of your pores are open for cleansing.”

Even with all the technologies and different products today face steaming, used by the ancient Romans, is still very efficient.

 The advantages are numerous; it opens the pores, removes the dead cells, helps against acnes and bad tan and improves circulation.
That is why,you should cleanse your face with steamfor at least two weeks, and do it in the following way:

– First, clean the face from dirt and make-up as you usually do;
– Put your face over the boiled, steaming water (but not too close);
– Put a large towel over your head;
– Stay in this position for a few minutes;
– If you want you can “spice” the water with some calming tea, like chamomile;
– Wash your face with cold water and apply facial cream.

Pay attention!
If you have skin diseases which cause redness, if your skin is prone to redness or you have sensitive capillaries, don’t use this method. Also, if you feel any inconvenience during steaming, stop the procedure immediately.

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