Most nutritionists agree that this is the ideal breakfast for weight loss because it’s abundant in nutrients that not only set your metabolism into fat-burning mode, but also boost your health on many levels. For one thing, it improves your hair and skin quality, regulates your metabolism and fortifies all systems in your body. It also effectively cleanses your body of toxins and promotes regular bowel movement. Plus, once you try it, you’ll agree that it’s also one of the tastiest meals you’ve eaten. This amazing weight-loss recipe effectively addresses issues like lazy bowels and constipation and supports steady weight loss. Regular consumption of this drink can help you lose between 7 and 11 pounds!

  • 2 tbsps. oat
  • 1 cup organic kefir (low-fat yoghurt can be used as an alternative)
  • 1 tsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. milled flaxseed
  • 5-7 fleshy plums
  1. The ideal time to prepare this recipe is in the evening and consume it the next morning.
  2. Start by putting the plums into a bowl and covering them with about 100ml boiling water. Cover the bowl and let sit for about ten minutes.
  3. In a separate bowl, put the oatmeal, cocoa and flaxseed. Finally, add the kefir and mix everything together.
  4. Slice the soaked plums and add them into the mixture. Using a food processor, mix all the ingredients together until you get a paste.
  5. Store the paste in the fridge.
  6. Consume the breakfast in the morning. You should see the first results in a week.
It’s very likely that you’ll get a strange feeling in your stomach on the first consumption, but this is only temporary and isn’t a cause of worry.

Kefir has long been used by Asians as a healthy food that promotes longevity. It’s an amazing probiotic that effectively regulates your metabolism. This is quite important when trying to lose weight as slow and underactive metabolism can easily lead to weight gain. A big mistake most people make when trying to burn excess fat is starvation, which only stimulates cravings and leads to eating bigger meals. This breakfast will save you from this unhealthy weight-loss approach because it keeps you full longer, thus keeping unhealthy cravings at bay.

Plus, kefir works on two levels. For one thing, it ensures optimal metabolic function and it stimulates complete body detox at the same time. This is all you need to get on the right weight-loss track that will give you long-term results.

Kefir is a natural probiotic that packs high amounts of beneficial yeast and bacteria that support healthy gut flora. Kefir is also extremely effective in regulating glucose blood levels. In fact, people who regularly consume kefir in daily basis have seen a considerable reduction in body fat, particularly in those areas that are susceptible to fat buildup.

“Kefir and its related products are renowned nutraceutical dairy products produced through fermentation of yeasts and bacteria naturally present in grains of kefir. The nutritional attributes of this self-carbonated beverage are due to yeast and bacteria,” writes a report from the National Institute of Health.

All in all, kefir is all natural and gives no side-effects whatsoever. However, it’s highly recommended to consult a health care provider before starting any weight loss regimen.
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